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Czech Arbitration Centre is a fully independent and professional institution based on the good tradition of arbitration, operating in legal frame of Czech and European law. The main priorities of all our activities are respecting human and civil rights, the protection of private ownership and the freedom of enterprise.

Czech Arbitration Centre was established for the purpose of improving the Czech judicial system, reinforcing the natural equity and especially to safeguard the right to the fair trial, which is not in present situation in Czech law and judicial system relating to the stoppage of reform of justice secured. The protection of the rights is efficient only if it is provided immediately, which is not unfortunately a rule in the court practise. There are many instances, where the simpliest cases are settled over a period of several years. That is why we are here and ready to help you!

Czech Arbitration Centre is the only company providing the arbitration in the Czech republic who guarantee settlement of your dispute within 30 days, or within 15 days if you ask for Express Arbitration. All arbitrators listed at the Czech Arbitration Centre are legal experts respecting and enforcing the above named priorities and they have a great portfolio of economic, technical, financial and other expertise for consultation when required.

We are here to settle your disputes, secure, protect and enforce all your rights. We are your safeguard.

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