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The arbitration award has the same validity and the same legal force as an ordinary court decision. Arbitration Procedure has in comparison with judicial proceedings the following advantages:

Speed of proceeding

Against the court trial the lenght of arbitration procedure is much shorter – the arbitration award is issued within 30 days from filing the action (statement the claim).

One instance only

There is no possibility to appeal against the arbitration award.

Getting legal force

The arbitration award is getting legal force on delivery to the disputed parties and is enforceable.

Saving costs

The arbitration procedure is much cheaper than the judicial legal charges are. In comparison the arbitration fee is 3,5 % (court fee is 4 %), you don´t need to use attorneys at law services and have no travel costs etc. All the arbitration costs (incl. the fee) are paid back by the party who was not successfull in the end.

Wide scope of enforceability

Arbitration awards are enforceble all over the world on the base of New York Convention (1958). It is possible to enforce the arbitration award rendered in more than 120 countries of all over the world.

Closed trial

All the documents, hearings, meetings, argumentations as well as presented provements are in private. Arbitration procedure fully respects not only your rights but also your privacy. You have the security that your case will not be published in the media. There is the confidentiality rule provides in Act No. 216/1994 coll.

Useless formalities missing procedure

Pacific settlement possibility

There is the possiblity for pacific settlement when the parties are interested in, finished by issuance of an conciliation award which has the same validity and same legal force as a standard arbitration award and court decision and is also enforceble.

Quality and trustworthiness

Our skilled staff guarantee that the arbiters are taking into consideration the legal expertises, as well as business customs and vocational practise, and understand the dispute in all its details.

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